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Novgorod Tribunal of 1227

Session held 26th January - Summer 1227

With a due sense of fear and dread, a council meeting was called to prepare for the Tribunal so kindly imposed upon us. We realised that our financial position was currently somewhat shaky, and that the costs of holding the Tribunal were likely to make this even worse.
Marcus also brought up Vitenka's recent behaviour (endangering our lives by annoying the nobility, switching sides in faerie, telling a mundane where we lived to get Alvo into trouble). Everybody shouted at Vitenka, who sniggered a lot and tried to look superior. Everybody shouted some more. Marcus mentioned that he'd like to see Vitenka renounced from the Order. Vitenka was eventually fined five pawns of vis and made to wear a collar until he learned social responsibility.

A load of magi turned up. Many were weirder than us. Purgatio returned from the Mongol lands. Various politicking occured; mainly Tremere dominated. Nepolitis got reestablished as a covenant under Solomon and the five survivors, and was awarded all the vis rights except those on the island itself, which were deemed to be the rightful property of the first covenant to estabish a clear route to them and present it to both Solomon and Marcus. Rauwolf reported on the Purgatio attack, where he noted a strong Infernal aura among the Mongol necromancers, the deaths of three members of Purgatio, and told of their subsequent escape, time with the Cathayans, and voyage home. Marcus made him clarify a few points. Allentri ex Bonisagus (gulp) reported on the rise of the Deep Water Vodainoi and the dangers posed by travelling by sea.

Rauwolf, Gwyntar, and Valla ex Miscellenea (short and bouncy witch) were appointed to travel to the Grand Tribunal as representatives of Novgorod. Kuni ex Miscellenea tried to claim all eleven of his ancestors (in ghost form) as voting members of the Order; the issue was sent to the Grand Tribunal. Marcus and Gwyntar got very worried at discrepancies in Rauwolf's story and a vision by Lyskandria of Deunan holding the shoulders of his soul or spirit, which was seperated from his body. They questioned him and didn't get much.

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