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Gwyntar's Report

Page created 10th March - Spring 1219

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[Knock Knock]
[step, step, creeeeak]

Other: Quis custodet custodes?
Gwyntar: Sumus omnes custodes veritas.
Other: Protectare Ordae Hermeticae
[step, step step, creeeeak, slam]

Salve Sodalis ex doma mea, I take it you wish to hear my report on Phillipa.
The invisible eye revealed has already been cast. I doubt we are being watched, and Cimon knows of this anyway, I presume.

Phillipa appears honest enough, however she is basically not competent for her assignment. I can see why she has not been trusted with an important mission before this emergency. Her failures are several.

Firstly, a book, possibly dangerous, "Blood Red, Moon White" came into our possession. After discovering the danger it posed we agreed that I should keep it in my sanctuum, as it has the best magical protections. On Phillipa's arrival she demanded the book be given into her care, I objected, but she insisted. Shortly afterwards, the book was stolen from her sanctuum, or so she claims.

That the Quaesitores have once again lost the trail of such a potentially dangerous text is most worrying.

Secondly, despite being assigned to watch both Deunan and Vitenka, she has failed miserably, even leaving the covenant for some time in search of a "wind foal", clearly ignoring her duties.

She does not seem to realise that with the powers and duties of a quaesitor come responsibilities, not just to seek out enemies of the order where and when you wish to, but to remain in the place assigned and be in position to act at all times, investigating all sources of suspicion. She also seems to be ignorant or at least unconcerned about sticking rigourously to the code herself, though this is only my personal estimation, and her rash attack on the faeries, injuring one of our grogs, is indicative of a lack of control that is unacceptable in a member of house Guernicus.

In summary, she does little harm where she is, assuming her reports are treated with at the very most limited trust. However she cannot be relied upom to detect activities that threaten the order.

Ego ordae custodo.
Other: meusque.
[step, creeeak, step step, creeeak, slam]
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