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The tiny mouse-machine got too buggy to keep going; so my big cat has eaten it. Then my cat got too hot, and had to have a long lie down. I tried feeding it various things, had a bit of a quarrel - but in the end, raspberry-pie woke it up.

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XP Home, Samba, Samba 3, windows networking, share, howto.
Here is how to convince samba3 to talk to XP home. Much googling did not reveal this information, so it's going here. First of all, follow the basic stand alone server guide. Now, take notice of two critically important things. First, you need a 'hosts allow' line - setting which systems are allowed to talk to your host. You NEED to set this to the LAN, otherwise everyone will be able to edit your files. Then you absolutely positively must set 'wins server' to the IP ADDRESS of your XP box.
With this configuration, a win98 machine should be able to see it too, as long as it is set not to log in to any domains. It may help to set the 98 server to use the same XP box for WINS resolution.
If you want seperate username/password pairs, rather than just 'everyone logs in as guest without a password' then.. well, screw you. I had a hard enough time getting past the mess that is the net guides (half of which are written for samba2) to get this working. If you get it working, please to tell me.
Note - it's kinda slow on the 98 box.

... Right. We've finally cured personal file sharing forever. Syncthing. Forget the samba, just use sync thing. Soooo much saner to configure.

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